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“Well behaved women rarely make history.” 


Growing up all I saw were photos of women made by men. Women that were hypersexualized, playboy-esque, and perfectly fashioned. I saw women being told where to go, what to do, and how to be. What I wanted was to break the cycle. I wanted to know who these women were when they made the decisions on how to be seen.


I began photographing women because I wanted to know what was underneath; maybe if I uncovered their layers, I would find my own. A camera is a means of creating or closing distance. In the past it pushed women away, made them untouchable. I wanted to close that distance. My lens is an offering to the women that want to be seen as they are and not as they “should be.” Women that are playful, naughty, wild, curious, or quiet. Women in action. 


This series is the start of my exploration. These women are my protagonists: they are explorers and voyeurs, victors and lovers. Their bodies are landscapes for the stories waiting to be told, fierce but precious. My photos become a space to play, understand and transcend. 


This is where women get raw.

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