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Rona Liana Ahdout is a Persian-American photographer and filmmaker based in New York and working everywhere. She received her B.F.A. in film direction at Chapman University, and later her M.A. in fashion styling from Conde Nast College. She strives to create striking imagery that stirs emotion and evokes reaction while capturing the essence of her subjects. Her core focus is to push deep into the most raw parts of reality - our fears, intimacies, desires and dreams - to bring a sense of freedom and release. Her work has been described as too "raw" for fashion, and too "stylish" for journalism, leading her to sit between the two worlds and have the best of both.

Most recently, her photo collection, RAW, which is a continuous project, was exhibited during London Fashion Week and published in Dazed Digital. 

Clients + Publications

AllSaints, Amir Taghi, Bvlgari, ​Dazed Magazine, Dolce Vita, Dundas, Goji Magazine, Nike, PhotoVogue, Steve Madden, Third Space



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